Auditions for The Big Meal

The Hovey Players are holding open auditions for The Big Meal by Dan LeFranc on November 6 at 6 PM and November 7 at 6:30 PM. Callbacks, if needed, will follow the Nov 7 call, starting at 8:30.

Sides will be made available several days in advance to those who email to sign up for an audition slot: Sunday-6pm, Sunday-7:30pm or Monday-6:30pm

Familiarity with the script is strongly encouraged.

Descriptions of this unique play can be found here:

Location: Hovey Players

Performance Dates:
January 13, 14, 20, 21, 26, 27, and 28, 2017, at 8pm and January 22 at 2pm. Tech Sunday will be January 8 and all cast members are required to attend.

Eight actors total, playing a host of 26 characters. Three men. Three women. A boy and a girl.

WOMAN #1 (Older Woman, 60’s-70’s)
NICOLE (Older Woman)
ALICE, Sam’s mother

WOMAN #2 (Woman, 40’s-50’s)
NICOLE (Woman)
MADDIE, Sam & Nicole’s daughter (Woman)
JACKIE, Robbie & Stephanie’s daughter (Woman)

WOMAN #3 (Young Woman 20’s-30’s)
NICOLE (Young Woman)
JESSICA, a gentle soul
MADDIE, Sam & Nicole’s daughter (Young Woman)
STEPHANIE, Robbie’s wife (Young Woman)
JACKIE, Robbie & Stephanie’s daughter (Young Woman)

GIRL (age 8-12)
MADDIE, Sam & Nicole’s daughter (Girl)
JACKIE, Robbie & Stephanie’s daughter (Girl)

MAN #1 (Older Man, 60’s-70’s)
SAM (Older Man)
ROBERT, Sam’s father
JACK, Stephanie’s father

MAN #2 (Man, 40’s-50’s)
SAM (Man)
ROBBIE, Sam & Nicole’s son (Man)

MAN #3 (Young Man, 20’s-30’s)
SAM (Young Man)
ROBBIE, Sam & Nicole’s son (Young Man)
MADDIE’S ADOLESCENT BOYFRIENDS, Steven, Marcus, Jeremy, Patrick, Michael
SAMMY, Maddie’s son (Young Man)

BOY (age 8-12)
ROBBIE, Sam & Nicole’s son (Boy)
SAMMY, Maddie’s son (Boy)
MATTHEW, Jackie’s son

Contact director Rachel Fennell at with questions and for access to a perusal script.