Auditions for Hate Mail

Hovey Players is pleased to announce auditions for
Hate Mail
by Bill Corbett and Kira Obolensky

will be held Sunday, March 19th and Tuesday March 21st from 7PM to 9PM. Auditions will be comprised of monologues and scenes from the script.

Hovey Players are located at 9 Spring Street, Waltham

We are looking for two actors with comic timing who can make these self-absorbed, egotistical, and self-righteous characters seem likable, engaging, and hilarious. We are flexible on the age ranges, but both actors will need to be believably attracted to each other.


Preston (late 20’s to 40’s)

Preston is an architect from the Midwest. He is stuffy, insecure, and sensitive to the smallest slight. He comes from money, but is oppressed by his parents and longs to be free of them. He rebels by being overly pedantic and litigious towards those who annoy him. He is desperate for a change and quick to fall under the spell of those who express an interest in him.

Dahlia (late 20’s to 40’s)

Dahlia is an unsuccessful artist/photographer living in New York City, who works as a cashier in a souvenir gift shop. She believes herself to be an intellectual and revolutionary. She is annoyed at her fellow humans for not being as committed to the cause as she is, though she is bored easily and her causes keep shifting depending on who she is around. She yearns for success and recognition, and is willing to employ less than savory techniques to achieve it.

If you plan to audition, please visit in advance to download an audition form and review audition sides.