Enchanted April

by Matthew Barber
from the novel by Elizabeth von Arnim

Directed by Doug Sanders

Vacationers have been transformed by the magic of Italy for centuries: lovers rediscover each other, worn-out spirits are renewed, loneliness & despair lose their hold there. The story of Enchanted April follows four women from post-WWI England as they are changed by the age-old beauty of the Italian coast. Brought together by a newspaper ad, these women from different backgrounds seek relaxation at San Salvatore based on the words “To those who appreciate wisteria and sunshine”; they find themselves.

Performance Dates:
May 10, 11, 17, 18, 23, 24 & 25, at 8pm and May 19 at 2pm.

Tickets: $18 ($15 for Students/Seniors)
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For reservations call 781-893-9171 or email reservations@hoveyplayers.com

Lotty Wilton….Maggie Irvine
Mellersh Wilton….Andrew Harrington
Rose Arnott….Kerry Anne Kilkelly
Frederick Arnott….David Wood
Lady Caroline….Frances Vella
Mrs. Graves….Deanna Swan
Antony Wilding….Randy Lawrence-Hurst
Costanza….Lis Adams

The Woodsman

by Steven Fechter

Directed by Andrew Boncoddo

Walter is a quiet man trying to live a quiet life. After a twelve-year stint in the state penitentiary he is trying to rebuild what little remains of his shattered life before he became a convicted sex offender. He lives alone. He works in a warehouse. He struggles with his demons in the form of a little girl in the periphery of his mind. His only human contact is with his shrink and his brother-in-law. One day Nikki, a tough-talking woman from work, enters his life in an unexpected way and Walter is forced to confront his own will and desires. Can he seize his chance of redemption? Can he finally be “normal”?

Performance Dates:
March 15, 16, 22, 23, 28, 29 & 30, at 8pm and March 24 at 2pm.

Tickets: $18 ($15 for Students/Seniors)
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For reservations call 781-893-9171 or email reservations@hoveyplayers.com

Please note that this production addresses sensitive subject matter and adult themes.

Kevin M. Kozin, LICSW and Consulting Psychologist for the Hovey Players’ production of The Woodsman will be hosting a special Talk Back with the cast and director Andrew Boncoddo immediately following the matinee performance on Sunday, March 24th. Kevin has a psychotherapy private practice in Lexington, Mass where he works with both victims and perpetrators of sexual violence.


Walter Kevin Brown
Girl/Robin       Emily Sheeran
Rosen Mark Mason
Carlos  Webb Tilney
Nikki Shira Cahn-Lipman
Lucas      Gordon Ellis

Production Staff:

Director  Andrew Boncoddo
Producer  Nicole Sparks
Stage Management      Jason Rutledge
Set Design  David Fisher
Lighting Design  Matthew Silverstein
Costume Design  Sharon Kivnic
Props Coordination      Michelle Fisher
Sound Design  David Sheppard
Consulting Psychologist       Kevin Kozin


Music and Lyrics by William Finn
Book by William Finn and James Lapine

Directed by Liz Fenstermaker
Musical Direction by Stephen Peters

Falsettos is the story of one family of quirky, (sometimes) loveable New Yorkers and their experience with the beginning of the AIDS crisis. It is the story of a “found family” coming together and fighting with, and for, each other. We’re asked what we do when life spins out of control. Do we give up or hold on tighter? On a social level, Falsettos reminds us we can never get complacent about AIDS and can never forget the way our government failed us in the 1980s by dragging their feet in terms of research and prevention. The ways in which we marginalize each other are always pertinent for examination.

Performance Dates:
January 11, 12, 18, 19, 24, 25 & 26, at 8pm and January 20 at 2pm.

Tickets: $20 ($18 for Students/Seniors)
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For reservations call 781-893-9171 or email reservations@hoveyplayers.com

Jason — Gabriel Clark

Marvin — Nick Howe

Whizzer — Kevin Hanley

Mendel — Steven Kosakow

Trina — Katie Pickett

Dr. Charlotte — Grace Sumner

Cordelia — Julia Atwood


Director  Liz Fenstermaker

Music Director  Stephen Peters

Producers  Todd Radford and Michelle Aguillon

Stage Management      Julie Williams

Set Design  Doug Cooper

Set Construction Al Forgione

Lighting Design  Kristine Mackin

Costume Design  Samantha Preston

Props Coordination  Shannon Gmyrek

Sound Design  TBD

Dead Man’s Cell Phone

by Sarah Ruhl

Directed by Kristin Hughes

After you’re gone, how will you be remembered? Jean is just trying to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee in a café, when a cell phone belonging to the man at the next table starts to ring. And ring. And ring. Jean realizes the man isn’t answering it…because he’s dead. Out of confusion, annoyance and the tiniest bit of sick curiosity, she answers his phone. So begins Dead Man’s Cell Phone, a wildly imaginative new comedy by playwright Sarah Ruhl. A funny and often times otherworldly play about how we memorialize the dead – and how that remembering changes us – Dead Man’s Cell Phone is the lyrical odyssey of a woman forced to confront her own assumptions about morality, redemption, and the need to connect in a technologically obsessed world.

Performance Dates:
November 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 23 & 24, at 8pm and November 18 at 2pm.
We are fully reserved for the November 18th matinee.

Tickets: $18 ($15 for Students/Seniors)
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For reservations call 781-893-9171 or email reservations@hoveyplayers.com

Produced by Shannon Gmyrek

The Cast:

Jean — Katie Gluck

Gordon — Edmund Golaski

Mrs. Gottlieb — Christine Connor

The Other Woman — Nicole Dunn

Hermia —  Karen Dervin

Dwight — Jon Nuquist

Ensemble — Andrew MacMaster & Erika Rubin


Director  Kristin Hughes

Producer  Shannon Gmyrek

Stage Management      Kristine Mackin

Set Design  Cinda Lavely

Lighting Design  Doug Gordon

Costume Design  Kimmerie Jones

Sound Design  Nicole Sparks

Fight Coordination  Chris Cardoni

The Porch

by Jack Neary

Directed by Bill Doscher

Three ladies of a certain age discussing things that ladies of a certain age discussed in 2004–like the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. And ALL its ramifications. The ladies are funny, insightful, incisive and they abandoned their censorship synapses long ago. As the Labor Day weekend continues, we get to know them, and their long-suffering husbands as a mystery unfolds involving one of the ladies and a time in her past that touched her and all her friends. The drama in The Porch sneaks up on you as you laugh and laugh. When life attacks suddenly, it’s friendship alone that provides the bridge to tomorrow.

Performance Dates:
September 7, 8, 14, 15, 20, 21 & 22, at 8pm and September 16 at 2pm.

Announcement – updated 9/7/12  

Our Satruday, September 8th, 8pm show and Sunday, September 16th,  2pm matinee is “fully reserved.”  A waiting list will be started when the box office opens one hour prior to curtain – first come, first served.  Otherwise, please reserve your tickets for another performance.  There are plenty of seats left.  Thank you!

 Tickets: $18 ($15 for Students/Seniors)
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For reservations call 781-893-9171 or email reservations@hoveyplayers.com

Produced by Michelle Aguillon and Kristin Hughes


Gert    Mary O’Donnell
Marjorie    Bunny Porter
Alma    Leslie Wagner
Leo    Steve Mayer
Pat    Jim Porter


Director    Bill Doscher
Producers Kristin Hughes & Michelle Aguillon
Stage Management    Derek Clark
Set Design    Tom Powers
Costume Design    Liz Smith
Hair & Make-Up    Marc Capizzi
Sound Design Matthew Wall
Lighting Design    Todd Radford & Dana Ozik
Props Coordination    Brian Wolfe, Victoria Taylor, Susan Harrington