Hovey Archive Photo Project

Welcome to the Hovey Archive Photo Project page.  In celebration of Hovey Players’ 75th Season, over 100 old photographs and posters have been posted on this page from shows dating back to the 1930’s, preserving them for generations to come.  You may remember the old display of these photographs when they were featured in our Act II Lounge at the Abbott Memorial Theater years ago.   They were removed and stored due to renovations, but also because they were deteriorating. 

The original copies are preserved in special acid-free albums and will be on display in our Act II Lounge.  The albums were donated by Tom, Leigh, and Devyn Berry.  A handful of photos from the collection will be enlarged to represent “Hovey through the years” and will be displayed in our Act II Lounge.  

However, the collection is not complete as it is on-going.  Photos recently donated by Meredith Abbott will be added to the collection.  The photos came  from her father, the late Alden Q. Abbott, also known as “Doc Abbott,” to whom the space was dedicated to in 1983.   Hovey welcomes contributions such as these to its collection.  If you would like to make a contribution, contact theater@hoveyplayers.com or call (781) 893-9171. 

In the meantime, we need your help.  Some descriptions are incomplete, needing actors’ names, play titles, director’s names, and/or dates.   If you would like to share any information or know of someone who can, please send the information or refer them to theater@hoveyplayers.com.  We will gladly add this information to the collection.   

The Hovey Archive Photo Project would not be complete without the help of Meredith Abbott, Leigh and Tom Berry,  Sean Biggins, Jerry Bisantz, Lissi Engvall, Felton Street Studios, Doris Goldstein, Gabrielle Hatcher, Kristin Hughes, Marty Lerman, Steve Miller of Fine Art Press, and Nicole Sparks. 

Thank you for your contributions to this labor of love! 

~ Michelle M. Aguillon, September 20, 2010

(To see a specific photograph and a brief description, if any, simply click the photograph itself.  Double-click the photograph again to see the larger version.)