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This policy reflects the current state of Covid-19 as of May 1, 2022

We care deeply about the wellbeing and safety of our audiences, artists, and staff, and have been closely monitoring the CDC guidance on COVID and its impact on our local community. For the safety and comfort of all who attend our shows, we are implementing the following protocols:

It is encouraging to see the Covid positivity rates in Massachusetts steadily decline. In accordance with Waltham's board of health guidance, the CDC and Mass DPH, masks are currently optional and no longer mandated.  However, given the intimate size of our black box, we deeply respect the use of masks by any patron to feel comfortable and safe at our theater.

If on the day of the performance you are experiencing any COVID symptoms (including sore throat, sudden onset cough, stuffy head, fever, chills, body aches) we ask you to please stay home and we can work to refund or reschedule your ticket. Just simply email and someone from our box office will take care of you.
If you have any questions, please email



If anyone (either actor or crew member) is experiencing symptoms you must inform the stage manager and producer by calling or texting. Please report:

1. When your symptoms started (the actual date).

2. What are the primary symptoms.

3. What are your rapid test results indicate.

We will not ask any cast / crew to test if they have been exposed and are not experiencing any symptoms. We are only asking the cast / crew to test if they are experiencing symptoms. 


The most common symptoms are: sore/scratchy throat, sudden onset of cough, fever, body aches/chills, stuffy head/nose.
If a cast/crew member does test positive they can return to the theater after 5 days of quarantine and if they are symptom-free.

Actors / crew should not take a PCR test if they have already tested positive. You are likely to remain positive for up to 90 days. Actors / crew are not required to share a negative rapid test to return to the theater. You must however be symptom free after 5 days.
Given the current positivity rate (now below 3%) in Massachusetts - masks do not have to be worn during rehearsal if everyone is vaccinated and NOT SYMPTOMATIC.

If someone in the cast or crew is immunocompromised or considers themselves high risk they are welcome to mask up during the rehearsal process. We do ask that masks are removed for performances.

If someone in the cast tests positive and is symptomatic during the run of the show - the Hovey artistic board will huddle for an emergency meeting and determine when the show will be rescheduled.


No understudies are being considered for actor illness coverage at this time.

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