Hovey Players COVID-19 Safety Procedures & Protocols For Cast & Crew 

Please note: The following is subject to change as the CDC guidance continues to evolve.


Hovey Players' safety protocol builds upon the requirements recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and expands beyond them to provide a comprehensive and careful standard of care for infection protection and control.


In order to maximize the safety of our actors, crew, patrons and staff, Hovey Players has created important safety protocols and procedures that best protect the health of our community, and ensure that our Theater is opened safely We are adhering strictly to the requirements outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to insure that we provide a comprehensive and complete standard of care for infection prevention and control.


Prior to first in-person rehearsal and shows:

  • Complete the Safety Attestation. 

  • Three days prior to first in person rehearsal we ask that you take a PCR COVID-19 test - this should be covered by the state for free or by your insurance. If it is not covered by your insurance and you have incurred a fee for the test Hovey will reimburse you. You must provide a receipt. You can visit https://www.mass.gov/covid-19-testing for locations near you that provide free Covid-19 testing. Provide negative test results to the stage manager. 

  • If an actor/crew member has been fully vaccinated please share your CDC card with your stage manager. You will still need to comply with our masking and social distancing guidelines however we continue to follow updated CDC guidance regarding vaccinated persons and may modify these protocols as new information becomes available to us.


Rehearsal and shows:

  • Submit Daily Wellness Check Survey electronically one hour prior to each rehearsal and show (Stage Manager will send around daily in email);

  • At check-in for rehearsal at the theater, the actors and members of the crew must once again confirm they have no COVID-19 symptoms or known exposures; Your daily attestation (wellness check) is sent digitally to the stage manager 

  • All actors and crew will also have their temperatures checked (contactless). 

  • Mask wearing (masks will be worn through rehearsals until specified by the director and stage manager. There will be an agreed upon date prior to tech week where masks can come down only when actors are on stage). Actors need to bring their own mask(s). Masks will not be supplied by Hovey Players. 

  • We expect all cast and crew to follow state and CDC guidance of masking and social distancing when outside of the theater. 

Mask suggestions https://www.travelandleisure.com/style/shopping/best-face-masks-with-multiple-layers-filter-pockets

  • Actors and crew will remain physically distant whenever possible. This includes not huddling together in the greenroom but using the entire theater space during rehearsals so that each actor has ample personal space.

  • If an actor is observed without their face mask in place or if an individual is acting in ways to jeopardize the safety of others, directors may give a warning. Hovey is taking these protocols very seriously and asks that each person involved in the production adhere strictly to them. 

  • Actors and crew may remove their masks to take a sip of water. The director and stage manager will also set a 15 minute mask break during each rehearsal. Actors and crew can go outside for air or to their vehicles.


What to do in the event of contact with a COVID-19 positive person:

  • Inform your stage manager of the exposure and the date of the exposure.

  • The actor/crew member must quarantine until they receive a negative PCR COVID-19 test, taken no earlier than 8 days after the date of exposure and have no COVID-19 symptoms upon return.

  • Stage manager and producer will conduct contract tracing with the exposed member of the production. Will notify others if they are considered a direct contact and will follow the process as outlined by the CDC.

  • To continue rehearsals, the quarantined actor can be zoomed in where appropriate/necessary.


What to do in the event of a Positive COVID-19 Test:

  • Immediately inform your stage manager and the members of the Hovey Players board of the positive test result; Stage manager and producer will conduct contract tracing with the exposed member of the production. Will notify others if they are considered a direct contact and will follow the process as outlined by the CDC.

  • Mandatory 10-day quarantine beginning on the date of the first symptom; and

  • In order to return to the theater, the person who tested positive must receive a negative PCR COVID-19 test and submit a note from a doctor. They must also be symptom free.

  • To continue rehearsals the quarantined actor can be zoomed in where appropriate/necessary.


Hovey Players Cleaning Policy:

  • Thorough disinfecting of all surfaces (including, but not limited to, bathrooms, door handles, seats/chairs, props) between each rehearsal;

  • Hand sanitizer readily available upon entry; and throughout the theater for use.

  • Open doors and running fans / air filtration system. 


For Patrons:


Admissions, Ticketing and Exits:

  • Hovey Players are strongly encouraging electronic tickets by advanced purchase.  Patrons who would like to purchase their tickets as a walk in must do so with contactless payment. No cash will be accepted. Credit card payments only. 

  • All Participants and Patrons must wear an acceptably protective mask. Consistent with CDC recommendations, multi-layer cloth or surgical-type masks that fit snugly to the face are the accepted standard. A patron appearing without a mask will be provided a temporary surgical mask (for $3.00) while in the Hovey Players facility. 

  • Nobody will be let into the theater until 30 minutes before the start of the show. Please begin lining up outside of the theater door (see signage) and keep yourself distant from other patrons. Our volunteers will be made available to answer any questions and will check you in as you wait in line.

  • No Mask. No Show.

  • Prior to entering the theater patrons will be asked several public health questions by our volunteers prior to entry. 

  • Hovey will not be selling concessions at this time. There will be no eating and drinking in the theater at this time.

  • Hovey Players will also make masks available to the public for purchase: reusable Hovey Players masks available for $10 and temporary masks for $3. 

  • Each performance will have a volunteer available to ensure compliance with all seating requirements, and  to answer any questions.

  • Where possible, shows will be performed without intermissions to minimize restroom lines.

  • Hovey Players will follow the inside theater performance seating protocol dictated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and at this time, seating will be limited to 50% of capacity.  This may be subject to change.

  • Seating will not be permitted within 8 feet of the general performance area. At no time may an Actor be within 6 feet of an audience member.

  • Patrons must sit in assigned seating. Late seating (more than 2 minutes past curtain time) will not be allowed.

  • After the performance, Patrons will be directed to (and must) exit by row starting with those rows nearest the exit, maintaining a 6-foot barrier between groups.  Patrons should proceed directly to their automobiles and will not be allowed to congregate in the theater, hallway, lobby, or Hovey entrance.  Actors will be directed to proceed to their automobiles after the show.

  • Seats, armrests, countertops and other high-touch surfaces will be treated with disinfectant after each performance.

  • Patrons are asked to limit occupancy of restrooms to ensure social distancing.

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