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Hovey Players is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on charitable contributions to keep shows and music alive in the Abbott Memorial Theater. Thanks to supporters, we are able to elevate and financially support the creative works of local artists and provide meaningful and exciting experiences to the community. When you donate to Hovey Players, you are enabling cultural and performing arts vitality to flourish in Waltham and greater Boston.


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In a 'metaphysical Connecticut,' serious career-oriented doctor Lane has hired a quirky Brazilian maid. The only problem is that the maid, Matilde, hates to clean. Instead, she longs to be a comedienne. Lane is deserted by her husband, Charles, who leaves her for his mistress, Ana, a passionate, older Argentinian woman upon whom he recently performed a mastectomy. The Clean House is a romantic comedy about loss, love, change, and redemption.

The Clean House premiered at Yale Repertory Theatre in 2004, directed by Bill Rauch. It opened Off-Broadway at Lincoln Center Theater's Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre in 2006. The Clean House was the winner of the 2004 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize and a finalist for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.  Pulitzer Prize Finalist, 2005; The Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, 2004

Production Dates: March 24-April 8, 2023

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HANDBAGGED imagines what really happened in the private meetings between two of the world’s most powerful women: the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, and Queen Elizabeth II. Born just six months apart, each leader has the capacity to change the world, but how the world should be changed is another story altogether. Will Mags and Liz find common ground in tumultuous times, or will the gloves come off at Buckingham Palace?

“If you’ve been feasting on The Crown, Moira Buffini’s delectable HANDBAGGED will skip you ahead to the Thatcher years…The title refers to being smacked with a purse, a misogynist way of describing Thatcher’s knockdown style. That’s Buffini’s real subject, and of course, Thatcher’s strongman theory of law-and-order patriotism, individual responsibility, and a scantly regulated business sector has its echoes now…but [Buffini] gets how [Thatcher’s] muscular magnetism attracted followers hungry for a new great Britain.” —Washington Post. “[Queen Elizabeth II and Thatcher’s] frosty relations have been rumored for years…Like that delightful bit of royal fan-fic [The Audience], Moira Buffini’s HANDBAGGED speculates on what was said behind closed doors during the queen’s weekly audience with the prime minister…[But] Buffini succeeded in convincing me that the least interesting aspect of Thatcher’s tenure was whether or not she got along with the queen. In a culture obsessed with catfights between famous women, that’s a real accomplishment.” —

Production Dates: June 9-24, 2023

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