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About Hovey Players

Hovey Players was established in 1936. Located in the basement of the D'Angio Building in Waltham, Massachusetts, the 52 seat Abbott Memorial Theater is among the most intimate performance spaces in New England. We produce four shows per season featuring a full range of plays including comedies, dramas, and musicals. Hovey Players is a member of the Eastern Massachusetts Association of Community Theaters (EMACT).  We celebrate the performing arts and artists throughout New England and more directly in the Waltham and Boston area.  


Established in 1936, the "Dramatists" produced their first play Are You Intruding.  They were invited by the Hovey Memorial Society to use its newly-constructed 1,300 seat hall taking up permanent residence becoming Hovey Players. In 1945-46 we recorded 100 members.  Season ticket holders of 500 grew to 900 (season tickets $2.40, plays $.90 each, musicals $1.50 each). Ushers wore formal dress; the curtain speech was followed by the Star Spangled Banner.  In April1946, for Victor Herbert's Sweethearts, we altered our rules holding open auditions. In 1952, the Hovey Memorial Society sold the building to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1507.  High rent, disrepair, and television changed the economics of live theatre. We performed in churches, schools (including Lexington Jr.H.S.), the Boys & Girls Club, and small halls for 20 yrs.  The basement of 740 Main St became our workshop.  The IBEW was sold to SGI International in 1998. 

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