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Hovey Players is a community of volunteers. We are a group of people who come together to produce shows for the love of theater and the joy of camaraderie with others who share that passion. As Larry Stark wrote in the Theater Mirror, “while Hovey always works hard, they play hard as well.” We put in great effort to get a show to completion, but in the end we have a lot of fun working together to produce high quality shows for Waltham and the Greater Boston area.


We have a solid core of regulars, but always welcome and seek new friends to help us staff our season. Currently, we produce two shows each year that require the help of many hands on and off the stage. We also have a number of partnerships with other arts organizations which use our space for a variety of different productions and performances throughout the year, which may require additional resources and support.


Set Construction  Do you like to build things? Feel crafty with power tools? Like to create another world with a paintbrush? We re-invent our small theater for each production to indicate a different setting. We seek builders able to help us put together walls and doorways and navigate around the necessary structure of our space. We also seek artists who can bring the setting to life - painting the space can be made into light work with more hands.


We typically have construction days on Saturdays leading up to each show. Coffee to start your morning is provided, as well as lunch to refuel at mid-day. Come to offer up your skills, learn a new trick or two, as well as meet a group of friends who like to have fun while we work!


Costumes, Props, Set Dressing Perhaps hammers and power saws aren’t your thing. We also welcome anyone with an eye for costuming, finding obscure objects for props or set dressing, or even some basic skill with a needle and thread to potentially make or repair necessary pieces.

Box Office and Concessions Not sure exactly what you want to do yet, but still interested in checking us out and helping behind the scenes? Have a look at our season schedule and contact us to volunteer for box office and concessions. You can get your feet wet as a volunteer and see our shows for FREE!


For more information about volunteering at Hovey, please email us at

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