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Directing at Hovey

[Applications for the 2024-2025 season are now closed]

Interested in directing for our theater? We produce two major productions per season.  

The Hovey process: Each year we invite local directors to submit scripts to the Hovey Board for consideration. Once the board has reviewed the submissions and scripts we may extend interview invitations to the directors we’ve selected as finalists. Once the interviews have been completed, the board will then notify the chosen directors and announce our season.

A couple of things to note:  We prefer smaller cast sizes (6 or fewer), but if we really love a script we won’t let the cast size be the deciding factor. Interested directors are welcome to submit one or two plays for consideration or contact the board to discuss potential scripts of interest. Below are questions to consider when applying.

  • What script(s) are you proposing? What are the casting requirements?

  • What drew you to this script? What is your vision for the show, and why would it be a good fit for Hovey?

  • What are the technical requirements of the show, including the set?

  • Do you have a specific production team in mind? For each individual, please indicate whether they have confirmed interest or are someone you are considering.

  • Please indicate which time slot you would be available / interested in directing this show:

Preferred slot

Summer, with opening in September

Fall, with opening in October / November

Winter, with opening in January / February

Early Spring, opening in March / April

Late Spring, with opening in May / June

Available, not first choice

Not available

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