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Hovey Players is delighted to share a new twist on our traditional season announcement!

In 2023-2024, we will be piloting a new hybrid approach, where we independently produce two full productions and partner with other arts organizations to produce additional shows and programming at the theater. Next year, the two traditional Hovey productions will include: 

The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe, directed by Katie Swimm; running November 3 - November 18, 2023

Appropriate by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, directed by Michelle Aguillon; running January 19 - February 3, 2024

The idea for this new model was partially born out of Hovey's currently limited financial and human capital capacity - but also a recognition of how many companies are looking for space to rehearse or produce their work. If you are looking for a space to rent or know of an organization that might be interested, please contact us at And if you'd like to volunteer with or donate to Hovey, please check our Stand With Hovey campaign!

Wolves Instagram.png

In this contemporary slice-of-life play, The Wolves, a girls’ indoor soccer team, practice drills as they prepare for a succession of games. As they warm up and talk about life, the girls navigate the politics of their personal lives as well as the politics of the larger world, gossiping about things like war, menstrual products, genocide, sports, pop culture, and their relationships. Each team member struggles to negotiate her individuality while being a part of a group. They bond over a bag of orange slices and personal traumas. The team seems as if it may disband after the sudden death of one of the girls, but they manage to come together. In the end, the surviving team players prepare to play yet another game together – closer, stronger, wiser, and fiercer.  


#11 - Cara Clough

#25 - Katelyn Paddock

#13 - Tiffany Santiago

#46 - Andrea Pellizzari

#2 - Megan Hemenway

#7 - Kaleigh Ryan

#14 - Kimberly Blaise

#8 - Molly Lovell

#00 - Devin Bean

Soccer Mom - Jennifer McCartney

Appropriate Instagram Post  (1).png

Every estranged member of the Lafayette clan has descended upon the crumbling Arkansas homestead to settle the accounts of the newly-dead patriarch.  As his three adult children sort through a lifetime of hoarded mementos and junk, they collide over clutter, debt, and a contentious family history.  But after a disturbing discovery surfaces among their father's possessions, the reunion takes a turn for the explosive, unleashing a series of crackling surprises and confrontations.

Appropriate is reminiscent of tension-filled/family drama classics by August Wilson (Fences), Lorraine Hansberry (A Raisin in the Sun), Arthur Miller (Death of a Salesman), Tracy Letts (August: Osage County), and Sam Shepard (True West).


Trigger Warning:  Not suitable for kids under 16 years of age.  This play contains adult language, familial violence, sexual content, racial slurs and other examples of overt racism.

Toni - Sarah Logsdon

Rhys - Em Sheeran

Bo - Tom Berry

Rachael - Sara Jones

Cassidy - Maia Ettinger

Franz - Casey Preston

River - Kim Blaise

Ainsley - Callan/Tristan Oliver

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