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STAND with Hovey

While every corner of society has been forever changed by the pandemic, few sectors have experienced the type of devastating impact that we’ve seen in the performing arts. According to a study conducted by the Mass Cultural Council, 1,038 cultural organizations in the state reported revenue losses totaling $781 million. Theaters across the country are struggling with audience attendance rates, which are down as much as 50% from pre-pandemic levels.  Meanwhile, operational and production costs have risen significantly as a result of inflation and covid-safety measures. The result is an alarmingly unsustainable financial model, made even less viable for a theater like Hovey where the house is small and ticket prices are intentionally kept low to promote more equitable access. 

Yet finances are only a fraction of the story. People are the lifeblood that allow a theater community to thrive. And since our inception in 1936, Hovey has amassed an astonishing community of artists and patrons that literally spans generations. So many of you have worked here, played here, fostered lifelong connections here, and been transported by 86 years of storytelling on the Hovey stage. At this critical moment in time, we need your participation just as much, if not more, than your financial support. Operating a nonprofit, volunteer-led theater is a glorious, but laborious act of love. In order to ensure our sustainability, we’ve established the STAND with Hovey campaign to solicit your support in a variety of mission-critical ways: 

Stuff: After operating in our current space at 9 Spring Street for more than 30 years, there are definitely some things that need replacing! We have generated a wish list if you have new or used items that you’d like to donate. After all, one person’s trash is another nonprofit theater’s treasure!

Time: Give us the gift of your time, presence, and talents! There are many ways to get involved, including joining the creative team for a particular show, supporting operational needs, working the box office, etc. We can’t emphasize enough how critical this piece is! Even small commitments of time accrue to game-changing amounts of support.

Attendance: Join us at our upcoming shows! On our box office page, you can purchase tickets for any production, including the currently running Waverly Gallery. Better yet, buy yourself and/or your loved ones a season subscription to get access to all four shows for the price of three! (Note: if you already purchased tickets for Waverly Gallery but are interested in switching to a season subscription, we will happily credit you.)

Network: Help us spread the word about the high quality work that Hovey offers at remarkably affordable prices. 

Donations: If you have the financial flexibility, we’d greatly appreciate your fiscal support. Historically, Hovey has focused less on charitable giving than the average performing arts organization, but we need to shift that funding model if we want to remain financially viable. Through our website (or via a check), you can make a tax deductible, one-time contribution or sign up to become a monthly donor. Even $3-5 per month can make a HUGE difference! We would also be happy to connect with you if you’re interested in sponsoring a memory or honour gift, setting aside resources in a will or trust, or if you want to connect us with a potential corporate sponsor.

If you are interested in supporting Hovey in any of these ways, please fill out this brief survey to sign up and/or learn more. No contribution is too big or small! Many hands make light work, as they say - and we are so grateful for the hands that have built, nurtured, and will continue to sustain this community. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email us at


Gratefully yours,

The Hovey Players Board

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